The Aleo BME's proprietary technology platform consists of a family of natural and synthetic, programmable polymers, enabling a broad range of possible applications

Aleo Technology Three Elements
Three Pillars of Successful Product Development at Aleo BME

The versatility of our proprietary family of polymers enables a broad range of possible applications.

Aleo BME has developed a pipeline of 510K and premarket approval programs that are at various stages of development. The pipeline represents the lead candidates from Aleo's library of polymeric compounds that have been qualified using rigorous, iterative assays deemed critical to medical device and cosmetic applications. The most advanced programs are currently targeting commercially attractive opportunities in the areas of tissue repair and regeneration and cancer surgical removal. Programs for medical device coatings and agricultural fertilizer enhancers are kicking off. Aleo BME is open to visionary industrial leaders and investors for potential partnership and investment opportunities.

Current Medical Product Focus

Surgical Adhesive and Sealant
Surgical Adhesive and Sealant
Injectable Agent for Endoscopic Procedures
Agent for Endoscopic Procedure
Peripheral Nerve Repair
Peripheral Nerve Repair and Regeneration

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