First Commercial Product From Aleo's Biopolymer Platform


ElaSkin Liquid Bandage Product Unit

Formulated from Aleo BME's patent-pending polymer technology, ElaSkin® Liquid Bandage received US FDA clearance on both Over-the-Counter (OTC) and Rx uses as protection on minor skin injuries, irritations and closed surgical wounds.

ElaSkin® is a best-in-class technology that has a lot of potential uses in health care beyond the growing liquid bandage market. Its unique properties afford it a degree of comfort,  durability and flexibility that no other marketed, biocompatible material has achieved. We’ve found a lot of uses for this science, but the breadth and growth of the wound care market makes it a great place to start.

The ElaSkin® Liquid Bandage is available now as a OTC product for consumer market! Click the button to learn more.

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ElaSkin provides exceptional protection that no other brands can offer
for skin cuts, scrapes, burns, irritations and abrasions, as well as closed surgical incisions and excisions

Features and Science of ElaSkin Technology
Features and Science of ElaSkin Technology

ElaSkin Liquid bandage OTC Product Demonstration

ElaSkin showing elasticity and strength matching 

the properties of normal skin

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