Aleo BME Sponsored Capstone Project from Penn State University

07.01.22 05:35 PM Comment(s)
capstone students display Aleo BME surgical glue project in showcase
Pictured: The capstone students displaying their project at the end of the semester's showcase.

Delivery Device for a Newly Invented Surgical Glue in Plastic Surgery 

Aleo BME Capstone Poroject 3D CAD model of syringe design

During the Fall 2021 semester, Aleo BME worked with four students, at neighboring Penn State University, for their biomedical engineering capstone projects. Tasked with designing a new delivery device for AleoBME’s surgical glue, the group of students worked closely with AleoBME scientists during their project. The four students were Zara Meyer, Lauren Onweller, Jinyun Liu, and Shaine Rotz.

Aleo BME is commercializing a new nature-inspired biphasic glue technology for internal surgical applications. The device to deliver the glue material is an essential part for the products. The students’ objective was to create a medium for the glue to be deposited without the two polymers mixing and causing clogs. The students spent the entire semester sketching, modeling, and eventually 3D printing possible solutions. The image demonstrates one of the 3D CAD modes of syringe design. They explored various devices such as syringes, brushes, multiple forms of applicator tips and more.